Raymond K. Bennett - Artist & Writer

Born March 29,1952.   Attended  Du Sable High School in Chicago ,IL majored in Studio Art under Ms. Margaret Borroughs (Founder DuSable Meusem.

Graduated 1974 attended MSTA Business College

Wrote, Produced and sang for Warner Bros. Records with group called “The Windy City”. The album released was titled “Let Me Ride” which I also wrote. Also had a midwest top 10 recording “Hey it's Over”. This was from 1969 through 1977.

Worked as an Artist for Lew's Place Casting Agency 1979-82.


Worked as Art Director for Black Entertainment T.V after Craig Rex Perry left to work for Nike. I was responsible for artist who drew to fit the stories in a program called The Story Porch © BET from 1987 thru 1992. The program was cancelled but there are videos of the program avaiable through various resources.

Today I am the owner and founder of WONDER Comics Chicago © 2017 which character creations include The Power Corp, A character called Purple Harlem and many others. It is my express desire to bring back that silver age Marvel look to comics as I have taken the name Ray (Kirby) Bennett to which I developed the style of the great Jack King Kirby and the writing style of Stan the Man Lee. I can be reached at either bennettraymond56@gmail.com or 872-803-2071. I have as of 2017 made  friends with brothers and creators Gary and Edgar Camp. of Creative 1 , founders and creators and this relationship has put me in touch with the things I need to know to be successful in this genre. I live in Chicago with my Sister and Brother in Law who have been very supportive of my endeavors.

Copyright © 2018 by a-men bookline.

All rights reserved to Ramon Mercado, Edgar Campusano, Ray Kirby Bennett 

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